Laser welding can be a huge help in several various industries, in comparison with the classical method, both in manufaturing and reparation works. In the case of malfunction of injection molding-, cutout- and casting tools and their components that were made with high input operation hours, or other kind of machines’ parts, correction by laser welding is significantly cheaper than other methods or purchasing a new tool.

Out of our 3 laser welding machines 2 are mobiles and 1 is a heavy duty desktop tool.

We are able to provide our laser welding machines for both smaller and rather large tools furthermore for tools that require lot of time to be removed from the machine. There’s no need to dismantle the tools nor to correct them out afterwards.

Our custom made and well equipped service car, the ’laser mobile’, allows a fast and flexible delivery.

Naturally we can provide fully comprehensive service accompanied with proficiency at our premises for our Customers.

We’ve got numerous positive feedback about our mobile service. Utilizing our mobility we deliver the „key” of the procedure to the customer. Moving the tools can cause damages while it’s time and money consuming at the same time. We save our customers from this.

We primarily provide welding service yet we also deal with selling and hiring as well.

We’re proud to say that more than 50 partners have been trusting us for several years.

Most important fields of use:
  • precision machinery industry
  • mold making
  • medical technology
  • perceptive technology
  • plate processing
  • plastic industry
  • vehicle industry, ship and airplane production
  • tool industry
  • textile industry
Welding materials:
  • strongly compound cold- and hot industrial steel
  • bronze and copper compounds
  • corrosion- resistant steel
  • steel and gray cast iron alloys
  • titanium compounds
  • nickel
  • precious metals (such as gold, platinum, silver)
  • aluminum
  • casting

Mobil laserwelding Mobil laserwelding Mobil laserwelding Mobil laserwelding


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