We're happy to announce that from 2020 a new service, laser engraving, has been added to our company’s profile.
Laser engraving technology can create specially long lasting, readable and visible labels on a wide variety of surfaces.
Our engraving unit has been provided with a special lense that is able to deep engrave on 3D
surfaces as well. This results in optimal conditions for both fine marking and high performance deep engraving.
The machine completely fits into our profile as it's fully mobile so we’re able to transport it to the customer. We are able to provide our laser engraving machine for both smaller and rather large tools furthermore for tools that require a lot of time to be removed from the machine.
Our custom made and well equipped "mobil-laser-engraving- car allows a fast and flexible delivery.
Of course our customers can get the same high quality professional service at our own site as well.
With the help of our mobile laser wealding machine we’re able to weld, reprocess and engrave the piece all at one time.
Its industrial use holds countless possibilities some of which - without claiming to be exhaustive - are listed as some kind of idea

  • industrial engraving
  • industrial deep engraving
  • tool engraving
  • QR code marking
  • barcode
  • DATA matrix
  • tool numbering

Laser engraving is now one of the most advanced and popular elements of industrial machining and marking technology

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